Extra luxury for your holiday

As our guest, all the wonderful experiences of Sahanlahti Resort are at your reach. Make the best of your holiday and order some extra pampering and personalised services.

Sahanalahti restaurants

Sahanlahti restaurants are close by. Enjoy breakast at restaurant Koskivahvi with the most beautiful terrace view in Finland. In summer, restaurant Koskivahti serves brunch or lunch and, in the evening, dinner from the á la carte menu. In the summer restaurant Rantamakasiini, you can relax in the lovely atmosphere of the harbour while enjoying refreshing drinks,  barbecue and delicious pizzas. The Gin bar is a perfect place to quench your thirst and watch the boats passing by. Read more about the restaurants of Sahanlahti.

Stay with your pet

Bring your pet with you and enjoy your holiday together! Inquire about pet accommodation when booking. 

Enjoy your breakast at the villa

Enjoy the delicious breakfast in your own peace! We will deliver the breakfast to your villa at your request.

A bouquet of flowers, a plate full of Saimaa flavours and sparkling wine to wish you welcome 

Have a delicious start for your luxury holiday! Order a bouquet of beautiful flowers, sparkling wine and "Makujen kimara" -plate of Saimaa delicacies to your villa. 

Private activities year round

Book private activities and a guide to enjoy the nature of Lake Saimaa!  Take a  trip  to the winter wonderland of Lake Saimaa with snowshoes or on an  electrical snowscooter with Arto, the guide  of Lakeland GTE.  Or set off on a private kick sledge trip on Lake Saimaa to admire the starlit sky and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate . The guide will provide  warm winter overalls and equipment.

Wonderful sauna treatment 

Order pampering sauna producs and have a relaxing sauna experience to  crown your holiday.

Try also the different saunas of Sahanlahti Resort, for example, the smoke sauna.  

VIP Lake Saimaa experience

Have a romantice dinner cruise with an electrical ecoboat skippered by Arto, the local guide from Lakeland GTE.  

Cultural events in Sahanlahti Resort

Sahanlahti Resort offers cultural events all year round.  In summer, "Elämysverstas" is a venue for  theater performancesa and concerts. It takes about  300 people which creates a private and  intimate atmosphere.  See the programme at the Sahanlahti website  (in Finnish). 

Want to experience something special?

We are happy to create personalised experiences. Tell us your  wishes and let us make them come true!

See  also the different activities available in Sahanlahti Resort