Constructing Elsanranta at Sahanlahti

Sahanlahti Resort is one of the growth companies in South Savo with a long-term plan aiming for reasonable and responsible growth. The surrounding nature, available resources and the family company values are the guiding principles at all stages.

Sahanlahti Resort contributes to the region also through co-operation and networkng with other companies and hospitality service providers. The exemplary local co-operation of  Saimaa Gastronomy  companies was awarded by the Saimaa Designation of Origin, D.O. Saimaa, organisation and by South Savo Regional Council in 2022.  The Saimaa Gastronomy company network consists of four hospitality companies operating in the Saimaa region: Sahanlahti Resort, Hotel Punkaharju, Tertti Manor and TeaHouse of Wehmais.

Constuction began in spring 2022

The construction of Elsanranta area began in March 2022. The nature of the area and the dry boreal forest are preserved untouched as well as possible. 

Sustainable villas in one of the most beautiful holiday resorts in Finland

The construction of Elsanranta area began in March 2022​. Elsanranta has 10 holiday apartments (5 semi-detached villas) with a clear, beautiful view over Lake Saimaa. The villas were designed by Rauno Lehtinen from Sigge Architects. The villas are located on a private cape and surrounded by rocks and pines. The ground is live mor. The guests walk to the villas from the parking area along wooden passages thus minimising the strain on the environment. The nature of the area and the dry boreal forest are preserved as untouched as possible. 

The exterior of the villas is Scandinavian with natural and coal black tones. The construction material is cross-laminated timber (CLT) consisting also of renewable and recycled wood. CLT is a leading material in sustainable and energy-efficient construction.  Wood binds carbon efficiently which plays a significant role in minimising the greenhouse effect. 

CLT is used in the bearing walls, base and intermediate floors as well as the roof. The inside space is framed entirely by CLT thus making separate vapour barriers unnecessary. The villas are built on a plant and lifted onto beams at Sahanlahti. The accurate work at the plant and precise fastenings and joints make the construction airtight.

Wood has a fairly low thermal conductivity (0,14 W/mK) which makes it possible to lead bearing structures through the exterior insulation layer without significant thermal bridges. Wood is a hygroscopic material; massive wooden structures balance the humidity and temperature of the indoor air. The big laminated wooden elements make the construction more rigid as well as more fire resistant than vertical timber constructions. 

All villas will find their place at Elsanranta in spring 2023.